Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Great News

Well, to start off, I guess I'll be posting here more often now, and now for the better news...

This "Holiday" Season, Microsoft will be releasing XNA Studio Express. now, I know you guys might be thinking, "Great, but what does this have to do with anything?" Well, I started studying C# and Managed DirectX. XNA is based off of these two things. The coolest thing about this, is that it will allow me to port any games I may be working on, to the Xbox 360. So withint the coming months I'll be working on a Game Engine, using C# and MDX, and will be updating this place with all my status reports and stuff.

Then once XNA Express is released, I'll port my engine over to the 360, and update the site with how I went about doing it, and some status reports.

You can expect ScreenShots and such with both the Windows Games and Xbox 360 Games I will be making.


XM8 Model rendered in my "PEngine"

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