Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New phone theme

Just a theme I put on my phone its a combination of various bits and pieces put together into one awesome theme. I might pt it together in a zip.
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Monday, August 16, 2010


Well I just installed blogaway on my Samsung Vibrant. So that means I'm going to try and update my blog a bit more frequently. I'm currently working so this will be a short post. But more of just a heads up.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[MOD]Captivate Camera Software on Vibrant

I decided to replace the Samsung Vibrant's camera software with the software from the Captivate. What this allows you to do is access some of the more useful menus without having to dig through the menu. It also seems to me that the overall speed of the Camera software is actually sped up a bit. There is no more lag when you start recording a video, and no more lag when you finish recording.


  • Copy zip to internal SD
  • Reboot into Clockwork Recovery
  • Apply zip without wipe
  • Reboot and enjoy
You can find the zip files at the XDA forums here. May require sign up(it's a great place with an awesome dev community, so it is worth your time :) )

[UTILITY] Update Signer V1.0

I decided since I couldn't find any general purpose update signers for Android files on Windows that I'd make my own. It's a very simple tool, and lets you save your signed file as whatever you want to call it. So you aren't limited to it having to be in the same directory anymore, nor do you have to even open the application to use it, as it supports drag and drop functionality.


  • Drag & Drop signing!
  • Save signed files in seperate directory
  • Supports ZIP, APK, and JAR
  • Extremely easy to use

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mobile blogging

Well with my new behold 2 phone from T-Mobile, I will be able to keep this blog updated with things I might find during my day. Don't expect big things from this since it will be from my mobile.


I was at : 100-198 Thornton St, Revere, MA 02151,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update 2/24/09

Well, I have kind of put game development on hold to concentrate on school, as well as work. I have also started to work on writigin programs for Windows Mobile 6. I have come up with a program for uploading pictures to Flickr from any WM6 powered device.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Slight Update

Seeing as how I don't have an audience, I really didn't update my blog that much. All work on my game engine has halted for now, atleast until XNA® is supported on Windows Vista©.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Vista, and make sure you have the hardware to do so. It is just not worth it when you see Vista in a crippled state, you must see it in all it's glory. For the best Vista experience, make sure you have this at the minimum

CPU: 2GHz or more
RAM: 1GB or more
GPU: 256MB DX9c compatible card

Trust me, when I say that using Vista makes using the computer so much more fun. Also, I will reccomend Windows Vista Ultimate© over any other version, it's great.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Working on engine

Well, after passing out lat night due to exhaustion(and a wicked case of insomnia the night before) I started working on the engine again. I added in Pixel shading, and moved the whole engine to a more portable form. Anyways, I'll make this one short.

I plan to add the following to the Engine:

  • Sound

  • Full Keyboard Input

  • Networking Play

  • Some kind of map format

And Finally the Pictures

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Great News

Well, to start off, I guess I'll be posting here more often now, and now for the better news...

This "Holiday" Season, Microsoft will be releasing XNA Studio Express. now, I know you guys might be thinking, "Great, but what does this have to do with anything?" Well, I started studying C# and Managed DirectX. XNA is based off of these two things. The coolest thing about this, is that it will allow me to port any games I may be working on, to the Xbox 360. So withint the coming months I'll be working on a Game Engine, using C# and MDX, and will be updating this place with all my status reports and stuff.

Then once XNA Express is released, I'll port my engine over to the 360, and update the site with how I went about doing it, and some status reports.

You can expect ScreenShots and such with both the Windows Games and Xbox 360 Games I will be making.


XM8 Model rendered in my "PEngine"

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not Updated In a While

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I dont really use this blog... I got me an Xbox 360, so I'm on there most of the time. You can usually catch me on live with the gamertag of chaoscentral. So if you think this place needs to be updated more, let me know, as I think no one even visits this site at all, so its alll good.